• Where do I start?

    Visit our homepage or catalogue to look at the broad range of geospatial courses that we offer. There are basic, intermediate and advanced courses available. These courses can be tailored specifically to your company, and we can also build new courses from scratch.
  • Why choose GIS College?

    We provide informative courses delivered by highly knowledgeable industry experts. Our courses are customisable to suit your needs – we offer the option of using your own company’s data, providing staff with a higher level of understanding, and if the topic you require isn’t covered we can build a brand new course from the ground up.
  • Where are the courses held?

    Wherever suits you – we deliver training either on-site at your office, or in a dedicated training venue elsewhere. We are happy to come to you, wherever your company is located.
  • How do I register my company’s interest?

    Please use the form on the Contact page to register your interest.
  • What’s next after Basic course completion?

    If there is a corresponding intermediate course in this topic, your staff are now eligible for it. Please see ‘Further Study’ in the individual course brochures for the next steps. If no further course is available please contact us to discuss the option of developing a new one.
  • What if I only have one or two people to train?

    If there is high demand for a particular course from several organisations with small numbers of students, we will occasionally run a scheduled course that all students can attend together – contact us to register your interest .
  • What if I need to reschedule a course?

    GIS College is flexible and accommodating, so we work with you to find a delivery schedule that meets your expectations. Therefore please contact us to discuss any changes in your requirements and we will do our absolute best to adapt to this.
  • Who can attend your courses?

    The courses are open to any of your staff who need to develop their geospatial software skills. No previous GIS experience is necessary for some of the basic courses – please see the ‘Prerequisites’ section of the course description for details.
  • How are the courses taught?

    In our instructor-led courses, our highly experienced trainers run demonstrations then provide practice exercises. As students are more successful with learning by doing, an 80% doing, 20% listening format is used. Trainers are always available to answer students’ questions. We also provide a training pack to give students some of the basic tools needed to help them make the most of their course.

  • No courses meet my requirements, can you provide custom-made training?

    Absolutely. We provide tailor-made courses to suit your company, either modified from our existing courses (e.g. by using your own data sets during the training) or brand new courses developed specifically for you.
  • What do students receive upon successful completion of the course?

    Students receive a signed electronic Certificate of Completion to show they have attended the course.
  • Can you train one or two staff members to teach the rest of my team how to use the software?

    Yes – we offer a ‘train the trainer’ option. This is available to staff who already have experience with providing training. We cannot provide the necessary ‘training skills’ if they aren’t already qualified trainers, but experienced GIS staff with an aptitude for training will pick up our intuitive training design very quickly.
  • Can these courses be used for SSSI CPD points?

    Yes – our training courses can be used by your staff to contribute towards their CPD points. The Certificate of Completion that students receive at the end of the course includes the number of hours training they have completed, which can be directly translated into SSSI’s points system (1 point per hour training).